Only In Africa . . .

Only in Tanzania does the cow have the right of way on a highway.

Only in Zanzibar are stray cats allowed inside hotels and restaraunts.

Only in Zanzibar do the drug dealers come to find you.

Only in Tanzania can you bribe an anti-corruption officer.

Only in Zanzibar can you be identified by the color of the dirt on your shoes. 
(*This actually happened: the immigration official guessed that I had come from Morogoro because my tennis shoes are stained red from the soil)

Only in Tanzania do people put garbage burn pits directly below low-hanging power lines.

Only in Kenya can vervet monkeys eat your breakfast cereal out of your bowl.

Only in Kenya is driving off-road in a stick-shift non-power-steering truck considered luxurious.

Only in Kenya can wake up with a rhinoceros outside your bedroom.  (literally 3 feet outside)

Only Ugandans can admit that they keep all their appointments, but never the time.