Monday, September 12, 2011

The First Few Days

So, I have been through an orientation week here in Gulu, moved in with my new host family, and lectures began today at the SIT World Learning Center in Gulu.  Orientation week finished Saturday with an interviewing project throughout Gulu town.  We all managed to meet quite a few new people and gathered information which will help with our research projects, but also practical issues of living here for the next three months. 

We have discovered a bar in town, BJz, which plays good music, serves good beer, and has great entertainment throughout the week.  Wednesday was Stand-up Comedy, and Thursday was Trivia competition.  A few of us went to the stand-up, where we met "Fabulous" Patrick, a local radio host and the funniest man of the night.  All fifteen of us returned the following night to compete for trivia night.  We split the group into two teams and did our best to fill the answers to Ugandan Sports, Literature, Current Events, and Geography.  My team at least beat the other American group, but we didn't take the title, or the case of beer which went to the winners.  However, for those of us who stuck around (myself included), the crate of beer was shared with us, as we knew a few of the winners.  We danced for an hour or so before returning to the hotel and the final day of orientation the following morning.

Saturday afternoon I moved in with my new host family, Paul and Florence and their 18-year-old daughter Rita.  Paul reminds me alot of my Grandpa Copas, and I have spent most of the weekend studying or discussing politics and current events with him.  They are a nice family, and I will enjoy spending the next month or so with them.  However, there is no electricity there, so I will only be able to post when I get into town for class.  I feel like it gets old, but I will say it again, be patient with the electricity in Africa.

Otherwise, I am doing well.  Classes started this morning with lectures on Acholi Language, Conflict Mapping & Analysis, and the Cultures of Northern Uganda.  I am now sitting in a cafe eating an ice cream before heading back home for dinner.

I'll post again soon.

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