Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Keeping Up

Well, not a whole lot new has transpired here in Morogoro over the past few days.  The electricity has been out for a few days, but I have learned to manage (I was a boy scout and came prepared with a flashlight).  It seems that the fifth week of study is the hardest, which was last week.  Now that I have overcome it, I can say that this week, number six, is turning out quite nice.  These past two days my Swahili skills have just seemed to click.  I suppose that there is a point where you just realize that you will not be fluent anytime soon, you recognized for yourself that you did not come here to assimilate, but to understand, and then suddenly without any help at all, all the barriers of embarrassment at making mistakes disappear and you can just talk.  That was me these last few days.  I know that I am not speaking about philosophy, economics, or the greater good in life, just simple conversation, but it is enough to know that I am understanding most of what everyone is saying.  That is what I came for and so I am really pleased with myself.

On another technical note, I know a few of you have requested pictures, but with the internet as slow as it is, it has been difficult loading photographs.  I have created a page for them and will update as the flow of internet permits.

Thank you to all of you for your continued prayers and support concerning both myself and others here in Tanzania.  Both Jumapili and Beatrice (two teachers) have recovered from typhoid.  There will also be many new students who begin a new course in Swahili this coming week, so it will nice to no longer be one of three here.

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