Monday, July 4, 2011

Damu Yangu ni Safi Kabisa

Well, I went back for another blood test at the doctor's today.  My blood has no parasites, and since I feel better, I will assume that my short bout with Malaria is over.  I am back at class this morning too, so I can now begin catching up on studies missed during the last week. 

A few of us from the school went into town on Saturday to find a few things.  In our quest, we stumbled upon a supermarket that sells imported Pringles, Frosted Flakes, and (best of all) Snickers Bars!  I didn't get any this time around, because anyone who knows me knows my love for Snickers.  However, anyone who also loves Snickers knows that you cannot get just one, and since they are imported from halfway around the world, they are nearly $2.50 Snickers Bars.  So I passed and came home with some juice and cookies instead. 

Anyway, not much news from LJS in Morogoro, but I wanted to let everyone know I am cured of Malaria, and other than still being pretty tired, there are no residual side-effects.  Thank you for all your concern and prayers.  Continue praying for the other students and teachers here.  There are two teachers who have Typhoid right now, and given my past weeks experience, I have learned that illness can sneak up on anyone at anytime. 

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  1. Your mom told me the Snickers story and if you play your cards right, you may be getting a box of them when you come home for Christmas.