Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A semester in 3 days

I suppose I did not introduce my situation in Morogoro very well in my previous posts.  Morogoro, Tanzania is the first of three programs of study over the next seven months in East Africa.  Here I will be studying intensive Swahili language and Tanzanian culture for 7 to 8 weeks.  Meanwhile, I am working with Professor Jennings of Washington & Lee, studying the history of the Parakuyo pastoralists of East Africa.  He has since returned to the United States, but we will continue to be in contact.  In addition to these projects, Pastor Hafermann of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, who teaches at the Seminary in Morogoro and ministers to over 100 communities in the area, has invited me to travel during my weekends to visit people in his congregations and witness the work of the church in Tanzania.  Having been with him this past weekend, it will be a true blessing to travel and learn from his bank of knowledge.

So, now I have begun my Swahili study at the ELCT Junior Seminary in Morogoro, Tanzania.  To say that it is an intensive course may put it lightly by some standards.  I have covered the equivalent of a semester of study in the US over the past three days.  This is for certain the most mentally consumed by a single subject I have ever been.  However, it has allowed me to begin speaking Swahili with local Tanzanians from the first day.  Although we are not discussing anything more than basic conversation, I am satisfied with three days work.  I have high hopes for myself at the end of 7 weeks. 

So, to all who are concerned, I am doing well.  I am studying hard, and learning a lot.  I hope you are all happy in whatever it is you are doing. 

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  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your trip so far. You should learn a song and teach us when you come back over Christmas.