Monday, June 27, 2011

A Farewell Sermon for Pastor Hafermann

I took another trip to visit the Massai and Kwere today.  We met first in the house of a local Masaai who has used his wealth to build an area school and aid in the construction of the church in the village.  His house is connected to electricity and backed up by solar power and has indoor plumming.  While this seems to Americans as basic utilities, it is uncommon among the rural villages.  His family has just been extremely fortunate and were good businessmen. 

Anyway, the church service was excellent.  Perhaps 80 were in attendence, a large group for a Monday, but this is a week off for the young children, who are home from school.  After the service we were fed quite well, so no dinner again today.  Not necessary. 

This was Pastor Hafermann's last sermon in Tanzania, at least for a while, as he will return to the United States on Thursday.  I will miss him and the opportunity to travel with him, but his introductions and kindness have opened many doors for me, not only over the next few weeks after he has gone, but also in years to come.

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