Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To Nairobi...And Beyond!

I have made it to Nairobi.  Somehow, a 4 hour trip became a 10 hour journey, but whatever.  For any of you who know some of my travel stories from Europe, you know I have a habit of miscalculation when it comes to travel times.  However, in this case, it wasn't my fault.  I got bumped off a flight, the next flight was late, I waited at immigration behind 10 screaming children for an hour, and I had a 45 minute taxi when I got here.  Nevertheless, I am now ready to sign away my access to the internet for the next month and head out to the Wildlife Conservancy for a few weeks.

We leave early tomorrow, and I will return on the 31st.  Goodbye and good luck to all.  Have a nice time going to school.  Meanwhile, you can think of me, living on the savannah.  I will be enjoying the beauty of the Kenyan wilderness and "studying" for a few weeks.  It will be difficult, but I will continue to make the sacrifice and keep going.  It's a tough life, but someone's got to live it (If you have drowned in the sarcasm, I appologize).  I have been waiting my whole life for this opportunity, so here I go.


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  1. Yes you have been waiting your whole life for this Joe. I remember when we were younger, you talked about being able to be out on the African Savannah and getting to see all the amazing wildlife and the beauty of nature there. Your childhood wish has been granted bud. Live it to the fullest.